Purchase of shares

Many people believe that buying shares is very difficult. According to the cinematic image exchange is a building filled with screaming peasants, and to purchase shares need bags of money. In fact, it's much easier. In order to purchase shares, you must enter into a contract with a broker - the official mediator between the exchange and a private investor. The signing of this contract is not difficult to design deposit in the bank.

The broker will lead through depot, which will store the acquired securities. For their services the broker takes a commission of approximately 0.1% of the transaction. He will monitor the timely receipt of dividends and taxes. Typically, these operations the broker performs besplatno.

Submit applications for purchase / sale of securities through the Internet or by telephone. Broker only performs as a mediator, the shares are recorded in the name of the actual owner - a private investor. Prices are quite affordable - 10 thousand rubles, you can create a good portfolio aktsiy.

What stocks to choose? It's a complicated question. Analysis of investment attractiveness of stocks - serious science. But there is a fairly simple way, it is available as a private citizen. You can buy shares of companies whose services are often used in everyday life. We pay for gas to Gazprom, the electricity - RAO UES of Russia "for gasoline - Lukoil, in stores," The Seventh Continent, buy sweets "Red October", receipts will pay in the "Savings Bank" ...

All listed companies profit from their activities. Why not take part in its distribution? Studies of the American stock market show that over long periods of stock prices has been steadily growing. "Great Depression" 20-ies on the centenary schedule looks like a small pit. Roughly as the long-term charts of Russian stocks will look the crisis of 1998.