Banks in Ukraine

Despite the crisis, the rating of the most reliable banks in Ukraine have not changed. Continues to look more stable daughters international financial and banking groups. Among the 23 most reliable banks in 20 - with the participation of foreign capital, two state and only one bank exclusively with Ukrainian owners. For four years, our rating has proved its viability.

The last study was published in April of 2008, but the group's most reliable banks announced its insolvency is only one - Nadra Bank, which is known to be "dropped" is not without the help of the government of Yulia Tymoshenko. So that people trust our last year's ranking, survived the banking crisis with minimal losses. play free video slots online roulette games blackjack craps poker no download casino

A list of the most trusted financial institutions offer banks with one hundred percent foreign capital, specializing in corporate business. Due to skyrocketing interest rates in the second half of 2008, the leader in group A - Calyon Bank Ukraine "- return on equity reached 43.48%, Citibank (Ukraine) - 46.36%. Citibank (Ukraine) on the financial performance exceeded the daughter of the French group CALYON, but because of problems of the American owner, we assessed the level of external support as satisfactory (20 points out of 60). Therefore, the subsidiary bank Citigroup has not occupied in the ranking of first place. In the three leaders, as well as a year ago, entered ING Bank Ukraine.

The refusal of the Dutch group ING on plans to develop retail in our country will not affect significantly the ING Bank Ukraine, because the retail business of this bank is small, and in the segment of services for corporate clients, he takes a narrow niche. It is worth noting that the first five banks in the ranking have quite a big gap from the rest of the final combined indicator. Among the financial institutions group A, none of them had not received the maximum rating of A + +, and seven banks are rated AA

They, in our opinion, are fairly high chance of being in the group a year later. Swedbank Group is represented in the top group, with two daughters: traditionally a high position in the ranking took Swedbank Invest (formerly TAS-Investbank) and Swedbank (formerly TAS-Commerzbank) to group A, as has become much ber thanks to injections of Swedish investors. Expertos en tratamiento de ortodoncia barcelona: ortodoncia estetica

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