Most of us consider ourselves professionals if not, then at least by experts in the selection of deposits. Only here the frustration comes very often, and the reasons for it can be lots. нажми сюда

Selected long-term deposit in order to gain 0.5%, and six months rates rose for all 5% selected currency, while its rate has declined; attracted by the high rate, but it turned out that the contract was hidden withdrawal fee per cent. The list could go quite a long time. Therefore, we once again focused on those key points, checkpoints, which must pass contributor to successful deposit.

The term deposit shall be determined by your expectations for the future.

If you are planning a 3 month major purchase, which are going to use the deposit, there is no point in opening a deposit for longer than 3 months. If you know that the deposit rates will decline (as was the case this year, when there was excess liquidity at banks, so it was expected that rates will fall), and means you do not need, it is better to choose a long-term deposit. лучшие хостелы киева

Today, such an approach to the term deposit has changed a bit, since some banks appeared deposits with an early withdrawal and replenishment of the deposit. It is clear that for such a pleasure to depositors beat rubles "(ie interest rate), but sometimes these deposits are very useful. So the next step - the kind of deposit.

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