The euro exchange rate falls in Ukraine

The average spot dollar / hryvnia today, October 4, remained at the level of Friday, only reducing the rate of purchase (BID) for 1.7 cent to a mark 7.9348.

According to NBU, non-residents from September to October of this year increased its portfolio of government bonds by 90% to 8.118 bln., Banks - by 21,5% to 43.282 bln. This is an indicator of foreign investor confidence to the Ukrainian hryvnia. профессиональная замена на volkswagen touareg тормозных дисков

Nevertheless, this growth of public debt carry a risk of unbalancing the course is due to the severity of service that debt.

The euro exchange rate in exchange offices today fell 7 cents. Now the cost is 10.82 euro / 10.99. According to Vladimir Oleksyuka, expert, analytical department of the X-Trade Brokers Ukraine, for tomorrow's trading of the euro may still fall to 10-15 cents, respectively, the nature of today's trading on the international currency market Forex.

Dollar / hryvnia is likely to remain the same.