Finance and Credit Bank

Finance and Credit Bank was registered on 30 October 1991 as Commercial Bank "Ukrainian Commercial Bank of Business Cooperation", with the October 13, 1995 re-registered as Commercial Bank "Finance and Credit". In December 2002, in accordance with the Law on Banks and Banking Activities in the Bank's Charter was amended. The Bank was registered as a Finance & Credit, LLC. In 2007, "Finance and Credit" has been transformed from a limited liability company (LLC) in the Open Joint Stock Company (JSC).

is always to keep, to take part in the creation and create yourself, foster the increase and enhance the very wealth of its customers, offering them a mutually beneficial partnership, organizing the partnership on the principles of stability, long-term reliability, competence and compliance with business ethics, providing these relationship innovative aspirations and b-willed efforts of staff, management and owners of the bank, reaching harmony between them.

implementation of their activities on behalf of clients and owners
unconditional fulfillment of its obligations

flexibility, focus on providing a full range of banking services to both corporate (all forms of property), and individual clients

commitment to the highest standards of customer service, creating an atmosphere of mutually beneficial partnership to protect the interests of each client