Where to get money for a mortgage?

To purchase an apartment need the money - they can provide you with the bank. For the bank, as necessary guarantees that you will be able to return the loaned you the amount and interest on credit. It is, therefore, be prepared that, before you give money, have to go through the whole procedure and to answer many questions. Because bank risk.

The first bank lender will wonder what your income. As a mortgage loan will depend entirely on your ability to repay the bank. You have to spend about half your income to ensure that reducing the debt to the bank and pay monthly interest. Can you live on the remaining half of the income? And the more your salary on the date of the loan, the greater the amount of credit you can get.

Another bank will ask you: "What is the value of the apartment you want to buy, and how many days can pay as a down payment?". And the less you can make money for the down payment, the higher the percentage is subject to payment on the mortgage.

Some of the banks involved in mortgages, only the income that you receive a formal, where you are registered to work. Others banks are willing to include in the total amount of your income all additional earnings. For example, if you rent any property for rent, because such income can sometimes exceed your core.

But in that case, if you are at the time of the loan, do not work anywhere, money from a bank you will not get, even if additional revenues are available. Formalized at work need to be in any way. But if you work less than six months, the scope of a mortgage you are also not included.