Commission for the loan

Before you get a loan, you usually pay the money. Banks call it differently - the fee for application review, the commission for registration of contracts, the commission, loan fees, commission for cash withdrawals on credit, which is already given in cash. You can take a one-off payment for a loan. For example, a loan of 3,000 dollars in commission for cash withdrawal at 3% would cost $ 90.

Therefore, the cost of the loan must be considered with all the commissions which the bank takes from the moment you turned back, and until such time as you got the money (as if these commissions may be called). And considering that they must be compared to a specific loan amount. Essay Writer - Paper Writing Services

Commission, this may be different. For example, it may be a percentage of the loan amount, or simply a fixed amount in rubles. And in both cases, despite the fact that your debt is reduced, for operations with your account you will be paying the same amount.

Just in one case, a fixed amount is specified directly (for example, 2,5 thousand rubles), while in the other - just specify method of calculation (eg 1%).

Suppose that you borrow 300 000. This means that a monthly commission of 1% of the amount for support of its loan you will pay a monthly three thousand rubles. But just 1% seemed so tempting!