Favorable conditions for the purchase of housing loans

The main thing to remember - for concessional home purchase loans increased overpayment for credit.

After all, with the standard scheme of repayment, interest is charged on the balance of the debt. And since the client during the holidays does not repay the body of the loan, the interest during this period is calculated on the original amount of debt and monthly payments are not reduced. Furthermore, the additional costs will be attributed and a fee for a vacation. "

Calculate the approximate costs of the loan deferral program complete the "case" took one of the specialist departments UkrSibbank. Loan conditions were as follows: loan amount $ 82.5 thousand and the interest rate - 12% per annum, loan term - 21 years (the market price of the apartment - $ 110 thousand, down payment - 25%). Since the borrower to repay the debt starts just six months later, the body of the loan divided by 20 and a half years (246 months). The result was that the initial interest payments on the loan amount to $ 825.

In addition, for the six months grace "nabezhit" $ 4950 debt (interest on the loan). It is on this amount and is the second loan agreement.

Paying this debt can, as the principal amount of indebtedness, throughout the period of loan or pay ahead of time. In this case, the first payment of $ 69.62 ($ 20.12 - the body of credit $ 49.50 - the amount of interest).