Multicurrency deposits

The essence of multi-input to that under a deposit agreement depositor drawn two, three or more accounts in different currencies. The client decides which currency to choose for savings and how much money in it to keep. химчистка ковров

He may at any time change the structure of "portfolio" to protect the contribution from depreciation and cash in on the growth of the exchange rate.

Classic multi-currency deposits currently open only three financial institutions - Privatbank, A-Bank and Credit-Dnepr. The first two offer the usual range: UAH-dollar-euro. "Credit-Dnepr Airlines is prepared to account also in Swiss francs, Russian rubles and even gold.

On how much we can multiply their money by opening a multi-deposit? It all depends on how you will change the exchange rate and what percentage bank offers. It is estimated that in the case of abrupt changes in course can earn up to 40% per annum (together with interest on the deposit). But only if timely shifting of money "on the currency." Investor should monitor the rates and decide independently on the transfer of savings in a particular currency.

But even with the stability of the multi-yield deposits is quite decent. Because interest rates on deposits did not yield any conversion yield of prime time deposits - 14,5-17% annual in grivna, 7,75-9,5% in dollars and 6,75-8,5% in euros. In this case, the bankers refused to currency conversion fee, and lifted restrictions on the number of transactions.