Property tax

"Real estate tax will be reinstated. Just as the tax for the rich. The rich will help the poor live this way" - said Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Efimenko. Furthermore, the current government's policies toward small and medium businesses, which strengthens the responsibility for the care of a "shadow" and raises taxes, is unlikely to contribute to maintenance of potential sellers of resale properties in the rental.

As a result, Ukrainians began to look closely to the "crisis" housing - real estate collateral. In addition, consumers turned to someone who also suffers losses from idle real estate - to developers. Recent began offering prospective buyers home in installments. The first payment usually - 30-35%, and annual - from 5% to 13%.

Builders offer a way to pay for housing facilities ready by 50-70%. After the fraud with the Elite-Center "many people in Ukraine is still not ready to invest in housing, built from scratch.

In favor of this type of home purchase is the fact that the developer does not need papers, officially confirming the solvency of the client - enough to pay the down payment and pay careful follow-up. The reason for such a "complacent" Developers are simple - in case of failure to pay the bills, the customer gets back his money, and the developer - his apartment.

A significant disadvantage of the client-contractor relationship is the fact that the installment plan provides only a maximum of 2 years. If the client does not manage to pay for an apartment in the period, the company has developer extends the repayment term and fined him or, in extreme cases, return the money and takes the apartment.