Credit inherited

According to the article. 1218, 1281 of the Civil Code, the obligation to repay the loan transferred to the heirs in full in case of acceptance of inheritance.

After several months of litigation the dispute was resolved by Alexei Supreme Court of Ukraine, which obliged an heir to repay the loan and the bank - to cancel all interest and penalties that were assessed because of the delay in payment of credit payments. тормозные диски chevrolet aveo качественно заменить

The motivation of this court decision is simple: since the death of the borrower prior to the entry of his son in law of inheritance heir actually had no obligations under the loan and, therefore, obliged to put out only payments recorded for the day of death of the testator.

Such a solution to the dispute over the transferred debt as a legacy - an exception to the rule.

Bank just was not lucky - he fell heir to the well-off to a good lawyer. And in most cases, lenders make receiving the "legacy" to pay the loan in full: with all interest, penalties and fines. What to do with credit, inherited, and how not to overpay for him too much.