NBU is trying to keep the course

"We NBU enough reserves to maintain rate stability at least until the end of the year. It is unlikely that the regulator will deliberately devalue the hryvnia, because it could trigger panic and outflow of deposits from banks, as it was in 2008 "- says Elena Belan. заказать выписку нбки

Do not forget that at the end of the month, local elections, and the current instability of power to their full and unconditional victory is not needed. According to Alexander Okhrimenko if NBU will continue to intervene, the year-end exchange rate keeps at a level of 7.95 grn. / $, And Anton Stadnik predicts a corridor 7,90-7,96 grn. / $.

If the dollar in September, has grown quite a bit, the euro - just 90 cents - from 10.1 to 10.9 USD / EUR. It happened after the increase of the euro against the dollar in the world - from $ 1.28 to $ 1,35-1,36 per euro.

According to Nikolay Ivchenko of IAC Forex Club in Ukraine, this was due to a slowdown in GDP growth and other indicators in the U.S..

The expert believes that the dollar's decline against the euro will continue - too bad forecasts on the U.S. economy, and year-end exchange rate the EU will grow to $ 1,39-1,4. In this case we have in exchange for the euro in October and November will be asked 11,05-11,15 UAH.