How to get a loan to buy the land?

That the bank granted a loan to buy the land needed to perform a few simple rules.

Legal documents should be as easy as possible. Undesirable presence among the owners of minors. After all, there are several owners for the transaction of alienation and the subsequent mortgage requires the consent of all of them, and the document must be notarized. уроки форекс торрент

If you bought land on credit, it should be remembered that in this case should be available the following documents: legal documents - an act of state ownership of land, the conclusion of the expert money estimation of land, proof of the presence of restrictions on the use of land .

Land Loans will be cheaper if:
Provide credit for land mortgage liquidity. In this case, the bank can make loans for the purchase of land by a few percentage points less.

Perform all the necessary arrangements in preparation for the loan to the ground staff of the bank without the involvement of third parties.
Cheaper notary services. Few people know that a certificate of mortgage contract notary can charge for their services to 0.01% of the total assessment, not 0.1% as in the pledge.