Financial Market Analyst

Among the auto analysts of the financial market can be attributed "advisers" in information-trading program, MetaTrader, program Autochartist, which identifies itself on the chart figures technical analysis and gives the trader a signal of a good time of entry and exit, Technical Analysis of Trading Central - one of the leading companies in the technical analysis - and many other services and programs.

But at the same time for both beginners and for practicing traders are very important predictions of financial analysts, provided by experienced experts of the Forex market.

Experts who are themselves practicing traders analyze the current market situation and give the site its forecasts assumed dynamics of the trend. Such forecasts are updated daily or weekly basis. In its work, the experts rely mainly on macro-economic news and indicators that affect the economy as a whole.

What exactly is a macro-economic news should be taken into account in the currency market intelligence? Important in all significant changes in the political and economic life as individual countries and the international community as a whole.

These changes can cause inflation or, alternatively, the economic recovery. Hence, to strengthen or weaken, and the national currency. Information on markets and major companies, interest rates and economic policy, even rumors and expectations of market participants is crucial to financial analysts. ...