Deposit rates continue to fall!

Downward trend in deposit rates may persist until the end of this year, according to bankers.

"Fall in lending and deposits are growing. That is, for many banks do not need money. The resource that is not needed, cheaper. My prediction at the end of the year: the annual deposit in euros - 4.5%, in dollars - 6-7% in UAH - 14-15%, "- said the chairman of the board of Ukrsotsbank Boris Tymonkin. Check writing reviews for the most reliable writing services reviews by students

According to the chairman of Astra Bank Mikhail Vlasenko, the fastest rate will be reduced rates for short-term deposits hryvnia. "The growth of the deposit base of banks in recent months - a fact that indicates a gradual return of confidence in the banking system, based on the positive dynamics of the restoration of the Ukrainian economy.

Increasing as a result of this trend, as well as strengthening the hryvnia exchange rate, banks will cut interest rates on deposits. Primarily, it involves the deposits "on demand" and short-term: until the end of the year can be expected to reduce rates by more than 3% for short-term deposits and 1.2% on deposits of more than three months ", - said M. Vlasenko .

Treasurer Ukrinbank Oleg Bronin also noted the significant surplus of liquidity, pushing them to lower deposit rates: "The decrease in deposit interest rates affect primarily the restoration of a stable funding base of banks, reducing inflation and devaluation, a significant surplus of liquidity in the monetary market. All These factors, as well as the effectiveness of monetary policy pursued by the National Bank of Ukraine, makes more urgent the need for banks to reduce the cost of resources to enhance the process of crediting the real sector of economy ", - he said. Assessment Oleg Bronina, end of year rate for deposits in UAH could drop to 15-17%, in dollars - up 10.8% in euros - up to 5-7% per annum. "