The discovery of deposits abroad

At the opening of deposits overseas citizens are not inspired by greed. "Ukrainians are forced to open accounts abroad for a stable legal and political system", - said Alexander Zadorozhnyi. One of the advantages - high state guarantees, which now vary between 50-100 thousand euros (as against 15 thousand or 150 thousand UAH. In the national Guarantee Fund). "Deposits in Czech banks are insured deposit insurance fund up to 50 thousand s

But not all participants in our market are covered by this rule, "- said Martin Lambert, an expert LBBW Bank CZ. And before opening an account should know whether the selected participating bank guarantee system. In addition, in Ukraine, as practice has shown, it is useless to complain to the NBU. Whereas in the EU, there are Financial Services Ombudsman, who view clients' problems, including non-residents, with local bankers. דירות דיסקרטיות

Another argument in favor of zagranschetov - the possibility of depositors of foreign banks to obtain credit in the EU on favorable terms. For instance, Alexander K. took in Poland a loan on the car ... under 4.3% per annum in zlotys! Holding deposits of the EU citizens can expect to reduce interest rates on loans for home turning into subsidiaries of international groups.

The rate for such a borrower may be reduced at least by a quarter. But officially recognized loyal policy to violators of the rules of currency subsidiaries of foreign banks do not want. In addition, a deposit in the EU can podsobit in case of force majeure. For example, in Hungary from Ukraine travelers often refused to rent cars.

But the presence of a bank account in the EU can change the attitude to clients for the better. Another plus - the majority of EU banks to make out its depositors accident insurance worth up to 50 thousand euros. Moreover, the bank pays for insurance.