Mortgages overseas - a profitable contribution

If you plan to buy property abroad, you must read the terms of mortgage loans in the countries with the most popular real estate markets. buy cc

Construction and purchase of property abroad is completely accessible for foreigners by mortgage (mortgage loans).

The most popular at the moment is France. The size of a mortgage in this country directly depends on the value of the purchased property. The minimum amount of a mortgage in France is 75,000 euros.

With regard to its lending operations in other currencies, a minimum of 230,000 euros. Repay the loan lucky owner purchased in the country of romance and love of country estate within a period of 7-25 years.

In contrast to the former Soviet Union, where life expectancy is poor and causes the "thrill" of bankers, mortgage in France (and anyone else) can take credit of any person under the age of 80 years. Interest rate mortgage loan here from 2,75% (mortgages in euros) to 4.75% (mortgages in other currencies). Interest often have a fixed nature. оценить долю в квартире инструкция