Sale of apartments

Subject apartment sales in the mortgage and collateral as a whole, painful for both bankers and debtors (commission and VAT on the sale of apartments, opaque mechanism for determining the cost).

Their claim is to implement a system of apartments in the mortgage and potential buyers. Some people believe that due to the possibility to do without public auction auctioneers practice of selling mortgage flats to the right people and at the right price.

If the property right under the contract will go to a bank mortgage, the debtor loses any control over the apartment as collateral and can not point to the bank, to whom to sell the apartment. Therefore, the attractive assets (ie real estate) at a price below the market, banks can still be purchased.

At the State Executive Service (GIS), their quirks: for example, placing ads on auctions secured apartments in free newspapers, which reach up to the buyer's solvency unlikely. According to GIS Kiev, on the forced auction of real estate 80% of the apartments comes to the realization of private debt - 15% of unreturned mortgage loans and not more than 5% - in criminal cases.

But this is only a percentage. The total number of entire apartments sold through auction centers, very little. In Kiev, according to the Metropolitan GIS, on average, on auction one apartment per month. Often transferred to the implementation of the apartments: one half or one third. This is due to the fact that those arrested or confiscated apartments often are in common ownership (eg between members of one family).