Replacing the dollar with a basket of currencies

Ukrainian experts consider replacement of the dollar to a basket of currencies for mutual settlements for oil is very distant prospect, which will have no impact on the economy of Ukraine. El turista olvidadizo Andres Leonardo Stangalini ya vuelve.

On this they have Gorshenin Institute, which held an expert survey after publication in The Independent sensational articles on a number of countries conducting secret negotiations to replace the dollar to a basket of currencies in netting for the oil and the ensuing public denials from officials of "countries-conspirators . Gorshenin Institute was interested in the possibility of such a change and its consequences for the world economy as a whole and for the economy of Ukraine in particular.

President of the Corporation "Ukrainian Industrial Energy Company Anatoly Hirschfeld believed that replacing the dollar is theoretically possible. "Everything in this world is changing. But not so fast, but only with the consent of the players who are currently working in this space. These are, of course, is America, China, Japan and other countries in south-eastern region, Arab countries, oil-producing, because today they are - the biggest holders of receipts of the Federal Reserve System. And all these countries together have just over 40% of gross income and are interested in stabilizing the dollar, because their savings in dollars. "

That is noted by Hirschfeld, "the transition can take place - but only with the consent of the players." However, he believes that "for the world economy can not happen any disasters. I think that this transition will be smooth and will not have any effect. " замена на nissan almera амортизаторов

The expert also believes that moving the world economy into another currency will mean nothing for Ukraine. "The Ukrainian economy is so weak that people like me discounted hryvnia to the dollar, so will change the depreciation of the dollar to another currency", - said A. Hirschfeld.